For every Hanes4Education brand you embellish, your school will get 10¢ - over $1,000,000 has been given to date. It's simple, just create an account, then fill out the online rebate form. Upload your wholesaler invoices that used our products, then select a school to receive a rebate check, it's that easy. All orders of our brands qualify. Hanes4Education program lets YOU be the hero in your community.
Embellish Step 1: Any qualifying garment you embellish counts towards a rebate for your designated school
Submit Step 2: Complete the simple online rebate form with all your qualifying orders
Reward Step 3: Your designated school will receive a rewards check in 4-6 weeks
It's simple 10¢ x 1,000 Garments = $100 Click Here to Create a Free Account and Submit Rebates Now!
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